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Brief Statment about what is coming for the Creativity area of Northwest Science Fiction Resources - more....

JackIn the near future Creativity will become a number of significant areas of interest for fandom including blogs relating to creativitiy, lists of authors and venues in experimentation for writers, artists, costumers and more. In some senses this will be an overlap with fannish resources and in it it will be a harvest of components of Not for the links themselves since most are very old and if you do visit will find either dead links or ones that go to sites unexpected, but the philosophy and wonder of creation that was the intentional philosophy behind that sites original founding finding its home here at was a cherished and important early element in my mission as a web designer, but eventually became overwhelming if in many ways far more popular than this site. By focusing here, I hope to have an opportunity of many of the best of what that was starting to be while still being an expression of my unrealized aspirations as a creator without the danger of overwhelming myself. In many ways the best example at this stage in the twenty first century is my youtube channel and that is an example of video editing of scuba diving and at that a passion that has been forced by finances and health and time to be a hope for the future as this area of northwest science fiction will hopefully soon become a reality. Be patient with this. The many evolutions of northwest science fiction resources will happen soon enough and I look forward to seeing what the synergies will be. I also hope to make this programmable by those visiting and wanting to add. However, that will depend on the dangers of malicious intent and may require some supervision on my part. We will see what evolves. I have faith in fandom now as much as I had in 1995 when sfnorthwest first became a reality and hope to see a good and welcome outcome here and now. You will notice that there is now a new Movie and TV Trailers tab that will include the latest interesting genre trailers as I have time to find and post them.

Jack Beslanwitch

All Things Media
  • Airlockalpha describes itself on its facebook info page as a " The science-fiction, fantasy and comic book-related Web site that has been informing and entertaining the masses for more than a decade. You haven't soaked in the news until you've made a home at Airlock Alpha."

  • Beyond Hollywood is a collection of news, reviews, trailers and more about movies, television, games and more, not all genre, but should be of interest whether the big screen, the small screen or a game console near you.

  • Comic Book Resources or CBR is an extensive resource for those in love with the whole comic book genre, with the latest news, thoughts and reflections and much much more in an attractive web package. Well worth taking a look.

  • has a wealth of reviews, preview video, pictures and much much more in a thoroughly eye candied web environment whether they are highlighting upcoming movies, television shows, dvd, bluerays and more. If you want to get possible insights, potential release dates and more this is a good place to start. Also, check out their facebook presence. Not strictly fannish in content, it will still have lots of interest.

  • Doctor Who Online is a truly attractive and comprehensive site with lots of news and more. If you are a Whoofile this is an excellent site. It also has the good graces to be located in Britain. It also sports an extensive youtube channel, DWO forums to rate and discuss episodes and, of course, the DWO Whocast Podcast Page and the obligatory DWO Twitter page.

  • Fantastique - the Magazine of fantasy, horror and science fiction cinema is reviews and much much more. And, as the name might indicate, there is also a French version of the page. I will note that the last look I made I found the reviews to be from April when it was August, so there may be some outdated material.

  • is not so much a site to find information about genre news, but an exemplary site to actually watch the shows you hear about. While many shows, particularly US will be unavailable or only showing clips, the site has a surprisingly complete set of anime series in complete form albeit subtitled in Japanese. Goto their anime channel or to one of the individual series pages. Ones that come to mine include Bleach (155 episodes), Naruto Shippuden (173 episodes), Full Metal Alchemist and more. Where available they have English dubbed offerings. They do encourage a paid service, but you can watch many series offerings for the price of enduring advertising, sometimes being offered watching a longer advert for the freedom the watch the rest without any. You will need to register with the site. A site worth looking at, at least.

  • io9 is a site that warns "we come from the future". With a wide ranging mixture of all things popular culture in the media realm, whether movie, television, comics, gaming or speculation. Check out their facebook presence as well.

  • Inside Trekker describes itself as a blog about all things Star Trek, Doctor Who and Sci Fi. A great site with lots of info and video.

  • The Motion Pictures Props Company is an " Online magazine dedicated to movie props and the love of film and the film making process. Props, Models, Wardrobe and Sets the whole shebang!" You can also find out more from them on their facebook presence.

  • Rabiddoll is a darker and edgier media news site with lots of interesting news and more. Check it out.

  • Scifi Movie Page is everything you might want from a site concentrating on the motion picture side of science fiction, fantasy, animation and everything else along those lines. It is also an attractive design with lots and lots of eye candy. You can also discuss things and find out additional information on their facebook presence.

  • SuperheroHype is a site with news about upcoming superhero and genre movies and television projects, forums and much more. Well worth a look. Also, check out their facebook presence to get more info and get your word in.

  •, of course, given some of the great televised series including Eureka, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary and Haven, to name only a few. Also, check out their facebook presence for additional info or just visit their SyFySocial page.

  • VizME Ultimate Trek Fan Token Contest is part community, part contest and something entirely different. I make no judgments about it, but you might want to check out their facebook presence, Twitter or check their RSS Feed.