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Other Conventions and Workshops

(with significance to general fandom or relating to lifestyles that relate to elements of fandom and not one region. Also, just a con that may not be in the northwest but sounds interesting :-)
  • Deep South Con is a traveling convention that shifts location throughout the south.

  • Costume-con is the quintessential costume event and is also a traveling convention.

  • For devotees of murder mysteries there is Boucher Con which travels around the US and in the past has been in Alaska and Navada. Check out where it currently will riside.

  • Clarion West Writer's Workshop - Summer 2011 - Seattle, Washington (thriving Clarion SF and fantasy professional writing workshop)

  • Clarion Writer's Conference at UC San Diego - June 26 - August 6, 2011 - San Diego, California, USA (thriving Clarion SF and fantasy professional writing workshop)

  • Clarion South Workshop - Brisbane, Australia (Clarion South - which runs every two years in Brisbane, Australia next one being in 2012 - is the most intensive professional development program for speculative fiction writers in the southern hemisphere)

  • San DIego Comic Con is far away the premiere comic con and media venue, taking place late July of each year in San Diego, California and noted for huge numbers and likely to be sold out. Also check out their facebook presence.

  • SMOFcon (this is quintessentially the convention to go to if you are interested in running a convention. There are others local events such as ConComCon and Construction for the San Francisco Bay Area that help local convention runners, but SMOFcon is THE event during the year of this type)

  • Star Wars Celebration is the official LucasFilms celebration of all things Star Wars. Like Worldcon and Westercon it is a movable feast, happening late spring to summer and locations as far afield as Japan, Colorado and Orlando, Florida. Check out the web site for the current location and dating.

  • WisCon - Madison, Wisconsin - Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy convention, annually over Memorial Day Weekend in Madison, WI. Programming ranges from fannish panels to readings, to becoming a writer. Tiptree auctions benefit the annual Tiptree award for gender-bending fiction.

  • DragonCon - Atlanta, Georgia This is one of the larger in terms of numbers for a science fiction convention with some emphasis on media and gaming and more.

  • Spring - Corflu - This is a convention a gathering of the fanzine fan community that migrates around the country.